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I am now open. I am following strict guidelines in accordance with the Mass.gov site and the CDC to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

I have limited my schedule to 3 days a week and to no more than 4 clients per day in an effort to be as safe as possible. 

What to Expect

• Arrival: Please do not come into the building before your scheduled appointment time. I am allowing for extra time between guests to insure a timely visit and proper cleaning between appointments.

• Masks: In the building and in my studio, all guests are required by Massachusetts law to wear a face mask. I will also be wearing a mask.**

• Pre-Service: I will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. You will be asked to use sanitizer before and after your service.

• Release: A COVID-19 Release form will need to be completed before you enter the studio.

• Log: A list will be kept of each client who enters the studio.


** Please be sure to bring your face mask with you, as I will not have one to give to you. I will not be able to provide you with a service if you do not have a mask.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



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New Facial!

Wildbloom Pure Skincare Products

Vitamin Infused Ultrasonic Facial



Try something new! Try Wildbloom Pure Skincare and the Vitamin Infused Ultrasonic Facial!

From the Proprietors of Wildbloom Products

“Welcome to the world of WildBloom Skincare – pure modern skincare is our specialty.
WildBloom Skincare is proud to bring you some of the purest, safest, most effective natural skincare products on the market. We research every ingredient that goes into our products, and we make decisions based on the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to support your health and well-being.
We are proudly born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our products are formulated and produced in a natural skincare lab where we focus on creating safe, results-driven products. Our founder and in-house esthetician directs, tests, and approves every product we make.
We believe in clean, pure skincare that smells good, feels good, looks good, and performs amazingly! Everything we make is fresh and crafted in small batches. Our ingredients are top notch, and we don’t sacrifice quality to save money. We source as many organic ingredients as possible, and we scent our products with 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.
We never use synthetic fragrance, harsh chemicals, phthalates, parabens, or retinol, to name a few. Our clean formulas offer you effective, non-toxic alternatives for beautiful, healthy skin.”

About The 3 New Wildbloom Pure Skincare Products Used in the Vitamin Infused Facial.*

Glycoloic Recharge Mini Peel, with 5% Glycolic Acid, this exfoliating mask promotes cellular turnover, to smooth fine lines, clear blemishes and transform dull complexions into vibrant skin. Good for all skin types.

Longevity CoQ10 Face Serum, the ideal anti-aging skin care product, with hylauronic acid and CoQ10, this serum neutralizes free radicals and reduces damage caused by the sun. It holds water in the skin to promote youthful, hydrated skin.

Omega Renewal Face Cream, packed with powerful anti-aging vitamins, plant actives and rosehip oil, this cream is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and linoleic acid to hydrate and firm.

About the Vitamin Infused Ultrasonic Facial

Restores radiance with Wildbloom’s Glycolic Recharge Mini Peel, Extractions, Vitamin A, C and Ceramide Serum Facial Massage, infused with Ultrasonic technology, followed by a Vitamin C infused sheet mask and shoulder massage. Wildbloom’s Longevity CoQ10 Face Serum and Omega Renewal Face Cream are applied at the end.

*  I will be stocking the entire Wildbloom Skincare Line in early summer 2020. Please stay tuned for  more product information.




Restores radiance with Wildbloom’s Glycolic Recharge Mini Peel, Extractions, Vitamin A, C and Ceramide Serum Facial Massage, infused with Ultrasonic technology, followed by a Vitamin C infused sheet mask and shoulder massage. Wildbloom’s Longevity CoQ10 Face Serum and Omega Renewal Face Cream are applied at the end.



Professional Red Light Therapy provides essential treatments to rebuild collagen and elastin. Smoothes the skin and reduce wrinkles with the most powerful tool available outside the doctors’ offices.

Collagen and elastin are the essential building blocks of youthful-looking skin. They diminish as we age, and red light therapy is the only method of restoring collagen. The light penetrates deeply, which stimulates higher levels of metabolism.

Professional Blue Light Therapy device helps to gain control over blemishes and occasional breakouts. Intended for use with hormonal acne or acne vulgaris, the light effectively eliminates the acne bacteria that causes breakouts.

When the pores release more sebum, the acne bacteria flourishes and gets into pores, where it feeds on the sebum. The Blue Light penetrates the pores and kills bacteria. When treated regularly, weekly or biweekly, the light helps control outbreaks, stopping them before they start.


This results-oriented signature facial uses safe, effective ultrasound. This treatment gently resurfaces the skin, ridding it of dead, dulling cells with no irritation. Extractions and a relaxing facial massage are followed by a second ultrasound mode, which aids in deep penetration of anti-oxidant serums. Ending with a mask and shoulder massage. Great results for all skin types.


Get all the benefits of the longer version, less the finishing mask and shoulder massage.


Help maintain a healthy complexion combining the European methods. Using nature’s best; an enzyme exfoliation, gentle and careful extractions, a relaxing facial massage with results-oriented vitamin infused serums, shoulder massage and a mask treatment that rejuvenates the complexion. A great basic facial for first visits, or anyone who wants to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.


Using a special Icelandic skin care line, this facial includes all the steps of the 60 MINUTE FACIAL, but with the addition of a beneficial exfoliation that produces a gentle buffing action that removes sluggish surface cells, and eases the absorption of serums and  moisturizers for softer, smoother skin. A anti-aging serum is applied at the end,  made with Arctic Sea Buckthorn Oil and a wonderful mix of marine plants that retains water in the skin.

Made with fresh mountain water, wild Icelandic herbs and carefully selected oils & carriers, these products are environmentally friendly and contain no chemical agents that harm you or nature.


(Please note: Promotional discounts cannot be applied to 30 Minute Express Facials)

In a rush? Just need a quick pick me up, or a relaxing time out? Choose from 2 different Express Facials.
Relax and Hydrate – Steam followed by facial and shoulder massage.
Clean Up – Steam followed by extraction of clogged pores.


Add on to any facial. Hair is brushed, head and scalp are massaged with or without oils. Soothes away tension and stress by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the blood circulation within your head. Leaves hair nourished and luxurious. Your choice of dry massage or add in oils.

Tinting Services and Lash Lift


$27 (30 minutes)


$27 (30 minutes)

Waxing Services


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Please note: wax and tinting appointments cannot be scheduled for Saturdays online. Please email, call or text if you need these services on a Saturday. Thank you.

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